Vegas, Again, Tomorrow

Denizens of Clark County, I am headed your way again at stupid o’clock in the morning. If there are things you’d like me to be bringing your way and thus deftly evade shipping fees, lemme know. There’s only so much room in my luggage and first come, first served. Before you ask, Kona, Sumatra, and […]

To Your Health

When someone wants to justify to themselves (or, more likely, their significant other) why they should be allowed to spend money on BBotE or a Stein of Science, I get a give-me-a-reason email. In my quest for “More Awesome” I accidentally tripped into “Good For My Health”. Allow me to explain: The Steins of Science […]

Test Subjects On The Internets

A few things from parts of the internets that have not been wheelclamped (I’m sorry about sharing that video, it won’t leave my mind): First, I have been sent this chat exchange from IRC regarding a new Test Subject’s first experience with BBotE. It is posted here with their permission though handles have been changed […]

Culinary Delights

Test Subjects Mortician & Porn IT engaged in a very special adventure a while back called the Bacation. Rather than spend hard earned money traveling to exotic locales, they instead stayed at home, watched terrible movies, and ploughed that money into as much bacon related food as the possibly could. Their Bacation yielded two wonders […]

More Bits For A Wet Friday

First off, the Stein #200 Surprise is nearly upon us. Current production count is #199. Won’t be long now. Second, Pinguino from DeviantArt very kindly created this instructional graphic. I have taken the opportunity to consolidate several preparations and cocktails into one place. If you have a favorite mix/cocktail you’d like to me to put […]