Great Honor Through Caffeination + GLORY

Are you desirous of BBotE but would like more than mere coffee for you money? I have an opportunity for you.

Because I love the PDXYar kids so, I have put a case of BBotE at their disposal to give out as rewards. So, if you decide to back them at the $150 level, you will get a 750ml bottle of BBotE, a PDXYar t-shirt, a photo of El Tiburon when it is completed, a 1L glass mug, a shotglass, and 10cl graduated cylinder all etched with the PDXYar logo. That is rather substantial amount of swag.

Oh, and it comes with GLORY. As we learned from Team America World Police, Freedom costs a buck o’ five, but GLORY can be had for merely a dollar.

By all means, feel free to back or donate more than that. So far they only have one person at the top level and that is yours truly, Commodore Herr Direktor Funranium. It’s lonely at the top, so please feel free to join me.

DISCLAIMER: The BBotE Pimpstress of PDX, Greta, is a member of PDXYar. Actually, this isn’t a disclaimer at all. This is a point of pride.