Stein #200 Surprise

[NOTE: We passed this milestone back in 2011, and this page is here due to the posts that link to it. Rest assured, something similar is likely to happen with Stein #600.]

So, much as I celebrated Steins of Science #1 and #100, I must observe the amazing fact that there are nearly 200 people out there that know how much fun it is to drink out of one of these. Thus I make a declaration:

Whoever purchases Stein #200, whatever variety or size that be, shall also receive Stein #201, a 665ml FMJ, for free. That’s right…a complimentary stein.

The current construction number is sitting on #199 with six already built with earlier numbers.

I return you to your regularly scheduled programming with the thought that “I could be the one…” gnawing at your mind. So let it be written, so let it be done. The covenant is made.