Culinary Delights

Test Subjects Mortician & Porn IT engaged in a very special adventure a while back called the Bacation. Rather than spend hard earned money traveling to exotic locales, they instead stayed at home, watched terrible movies, and ploughed that money into as much bacon related food as the possibly could. Their Bacation yielded two wonders that have since entered my pantry and my heart (not just through arterial plaques).

The first is Bacon Salt. I suspect you all have come across this amazing kosher product through some other route, but I have to say that the additions of Hickory Bacon Salt took my grits ‘n’ eggs to the next level. I still made bacon to go with my grits ‘n’ eggs, but that meant that at no time did I take a bite of food that lacked the delicious taste of bacon.

IMPORTANT COCKTAIL NOTE: A Bacon Salt rimmed margarita is goddamn amazing. I highly recommend the experience.

Coolhaus "Louis Ba-Kahn" Bacon Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Extravaganza
Coolhaus "Louis Ba-Kahn" Bacon Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Extravaganza

Their next discovery was the Coolhaus “Louis Ba-Kahn” candied bacon ice cream cookie sandwich. I was brought six of these direct from Los Angeles, stored on dry ice, as an apology for the Test Subjects being late on their arrival in Oakland. Judging by the flavor, I can only assume lard was properly used in the making of the ice cream and cookie, in addition to the candied bacon chunks allowing for MAXIMUM PORK CONTENT in a desert product. If that were an Academy Award category, they would have just won it.

When I ate the second one with a cup of Ethiopia BBotE cut with three parts hot water, I found bliss and contentment.

If you live in LA, NYC, or Austin you owe it to yourself to eat at least one of these.

Also, I have identified the next BBotE experiment: Peru. Now, to find the time to get across the damn bay to go get some from my roaster of choice.