Bits, Bobs, and Links

I think it’s high time to for me to talk about something other than geology and damaged nuclear reactors, if for no reason than to get me off the depressing state of science literacy in world, particularly America.

In the land of coffee, I can only assume everyone has spent all their tax refunds because I have enough breathing room to experiment with some new BBotE again. Part of it will be the never ending exploration of regions I know and love best (i.e. East Africa highlands). Another part will be a more thorough examination of the Americas; my Panamanian of choice is the only successful light roast I’ve had so far and the Guatemalan Finca Yara from Caffe Vita made the most delicious BBotE I’ve ever made. Lastly, with Crom as my witness, I will make the Malabar work in a duplicable manner. Experiment two was good, but experiments three, seven, and eight were not. It’s just too tasty to not tinker with…when it works.

Steinwielder and Test Subject John continually impresses me with the satchel he uses to transport his drinking vessel and caffeinated delights. After minimal poking on my part, he told me where he got it: Saddleback Leather. As much as people tell me they love my laboratory chic of the Steins of Science, I have to admit that I am a sucker for beautiful well loved leather.

Speaking of Steins of Science, the current count is on #198. We are perilously close to someone claiming the Stein #200 Surprise. Stein #191, the experimental 665ml Shiny Brass, suffered a kitty related injury mid-photo shoot. Much to my delight, it survived it’s glass lip first fall, although the base was dented. I bent it back out as best as possible and it sits level again, but still…damn cats. The price has been reduced accordingly.

Hangar One Chipotle Vodka with Friends
Hangar One Chipotle Vodka with Friends

Lastly, the kids at St. George Spirits have released a new batch of the Hangar One chipotle vodka. In addition to being a happy consumer of their wares, I also do my best to keep the place humming with Black Blood of the Earth. The benefit to this is that the distillery crew are inveterate, compulsive bartenders and have a hard time not tinkering with any ingredients lying around. Now that the chipotle vodka is back, the world may once more drink “Andie’s Breakfast”:

Get a pint glass, filled half full with ice
1.5oz St. George absinthe (allow time for the absinthe to louche)
2oz BBotE, preferably Kona
A dash of chipotle vodka
Fill the remainder of the pint glass with chocolate soy milk
Stir or shake, THEN CONSUME

Personally, I find this quite tasty without the chocolate soy milk but then I’m a diabetic that is getting steadily more accustomed to reduced sugar flavors in my diet. It looks as ugly as a three day old bruise with a milky green-brown color but the tasty is fantastic, wandering from chocolate to mint to licorice with a creamy mouth feel and a that little hint of chipotle burn.

There you go. I now return you to your regularly scheduled 24hr news cycle of certain, seemingly welcomed, doom.