More Bits For A Wet Friday

First off, the Stein #200 Surprise is nearly upon us. Current production count is #199. Won’t be long now.

Second, Pinguino from DeviantArt very kindly created this instructional graphic. I have taken the opportunity to consolidate several preparations and cocktails into one place. If you have a favorite mix/cocktail you’d like to me to put up to share with the world, by all means, drop me a line. As an aside, since I already got asked, putrescine (the smell/flavor of corpses) is a product of protein decomposition, a process accelerated by heat. Ever wonder why old, burnt coffee tastes so horrible…that’s why.

Third, if you have not yet given the boys and girls at Tesladyne your hard earned money you certainly should give Atomic Robo a look see. They’ve worked damn hard to create a comic that not only has some decently grounded science & history but consistently leaves me cracking up as I read and re-read it. I also have had the great honor to serve as their sounding board for “Okay, please help make our science not sound like this?” Sure, when playing with science fiction it is expected you’ll take your leaps of fancy, but I credit Brian Clevinger with doing his damnedest to know what he’s jumping off of before playing in the creative void. Not to mention there’s not many people I can have a Franco-Prussian through Cold War science/war geek out session with. My Lovely Assistant is very happy he takes that bullet for her.

Also, Scott Wegener‘s art. I’m exceptionally impressed with how expressive the featureless face of Robo is. For all the swearing he does about the things he has to draw, he has certainly sucks you in with the end product.