Buffalo, Hear The Plight of Your Canadian Neighbors

I have an email folder devoted to messages of “Yeah, you weren’t kidding about the 100ml/day thing” but I could start a second one, nearly as large, regarding “Why is it so expensive to ship BBotE to Canada? WE’RE RIGHT ACROSS THE BORDER!!!” There’s normally a bit more swearing in the email than that. The potential cross-species lineage of postal and customs officials gets brought up sometimes too.

Honestly, there isn’t much to be done shipping direct to Canada despite the proximity of most of population being right across the line. I have to ship international express to get BBotE through customs in a timely manner, even to America’s closest neighbors. However, there is hope. As I outlined in “Oh, Canada” (with very similar complaints) the key to reduce costs to folks in Toronto specifically is for a brave soul to step forward as BBotE Pimp/Pimpstress of Buffalo. Torontonians, it will then be up to you to cross over to the Empire State for a caffeination mission.

But first, Toronto, go make friends with Buffalo. Let’s not have a Die Hard 3 situation when you do it though, mmmkay? The Nord des Lignes truck stop looked like a nice place before McClane got there.