Test Subjects On The Internets

A few things from parts of the internets that have not been wheelclamped (I’m sorry about sharing that video, it won’t leave my mind):

First, I have been sent this chat exchange from IRC regarding a new Test Subject’s first experience with BBotE. It is posted here with their permission though handles have been changed to protect the not at all innocent, particularly <A Cruel Trickster>. Never, ever, dose people with BBotE without their knowledge. That is dirty pool, old man!

09:24 <@Test Subject> straight and diluted are both great preparations but cold right from the bottle is best
09:25 <@Joe Q Public> awesome
09:25 <@Joe Q Public> just in moderation right
09:25 <@Joe Q Public> did you get superbuzzed
09:26 <@Test Subject> I am getting a solid buzz after finishing about 1/4oz
09:26 <@Joe Q Public> that’s pretty good
09:26 <@Test Subject> you barely need to sip any. it just coats your tongue
09:26 <@Joe Q Public> what’s the viscosity like
09:27 <@Test Subject> not as much as I expected
09:27 <@Test Subject> but really, I mixed with 3pts water and it’s still the same color
09:39 <@Test Subject> it’s super sweet
09:39 <@Joe Q Public> sweet?
09:39 <@Joe Q Public> interesting
09:39 <@Test Subject> you don’t taste it in most coffee cause of the bitterness
09:40 <@Joe Q Public> is it chocolatey then?
09:40 <@Test Subject> yeah
09:41 <@Test Subject> some amaretto flavors
09:46 <@Test Subject> starting to vibrate
09:48 <@Joe Q Public> are you gonna fall out of your chair
09:49 <@Test Subject> lol <A Cruel Trickster> said I should pour half a bottle into the decaff pot
09:49 <@Joe Q Public> hahah
09:49 <@Test Subject> people would die
10:10 <@Test Subject> I am currently in an Enhanced State.

Luke McKinney Wants You To Drink

Next, Test Subject McKinney, Alcohologist For Hire, provides this review of his experience:

Black Blood of the Earth is like a block of pure copper: something fantastically useful provided by nature, refined be ingenuity, and ready to upgrade humanity’s ability to do everything. Drinking it is like a robot enjoying solid metal, with an electro-tongue free from silly things like ‘sweet’ or ‘salty’ to report the taste of pure power. It pours into your stomach and through your body, re-laying all your nerve pathways with electrical wiring.

I found it incredibly useful for extended writing sessions. It simply overrode feeling of fatigue and let me keep going as long as I wanted, but didn’t stop me from sleeping afterwards. Slowed the process down a bit but I was still able to rest and recharge for the next day.

Alcohology: Shake equal parts of BBotE and Kahlua in a jar to create SuperKahlua. I now keep a jar of this in the fridge beside the syrup and sour mix at all times. Substitute into any Kahlua cocktail for an ass-kicking upgrade. My favorite is the Anti-Lebowski, the White Russian for people who really do need to get things done, but I’ve tested it in a wide range of mixes and find it adds pep without breaking the original recipe’s balance.

In summary: Thank you thank you thank you

Test Subject Talena, who is on vacation in Australia right now, reports that while she was wandering about Sydney she randomly overheard people discussing BBotE. I hand delivered several liters to the continent on my 2010 Scientific Drinking World Tour and glad to see they made a bit of an impression. I’m sure international media attention and Warren Ellis had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Lastly, I’m told that Fort Drum, NY has a small supply of BBotE laid in for emergency use. If you would like to plead and beg for some to be shared with you, you will have to find the hiding place somehow best it’s inhuman guardian who claims that his standard comfortable dosing of Sumatra is ~170ml. This is not a challenge for you to up your consumption beyond my 100ml/day recommendation and best him. Even I don’t drink that much at a single go, FEAR THIS MANIMAL!