United Airlines Business Class
Oh, International Business Class. Will I ever get to sit in you again?

Tickets are officially purchased for upcoming the May and June parts of the 2011 Scientific Drinking Tour plus a new addition in September! This is your opportunity to get direct hand off of either Steins of Science or BBotE while we’re on the road. They more detailed itinerary looks like this:

May 12th-17th: Fairbanks, AK

We will most definitely be going to the Silver Gulch Brewery in addition to My Lovely Assistant’s sister’s graduation from University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

June 2nd-8th: Washington, DC

Well, more properly staying in Arlington, VA but there will be much nerding about in our nation’s capital. A trip to the Confederacy’s capital might happen.

June 8th-14th: New York City, NY

Again, more properly we’ll be staying in Brooklyn but we’ll be all over the place. It is guaranteed that we will be going to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. A trip to Brookhaven National Laboratory has been discussed. One of those nights at a location yet to be determined, there will be a meeting of the Shadowy Cabal For World Domination (NYC Chapter). I expect great things will happen around this table. At the very, least some Steins of Science will be hoisted with delicious beer.

June 14th-18th: Penn Yan, NY

Visiting My Lovely Assistant’s extended family in Finger Lakes. Oh yes, I am looking forward to the Mennonite beer. It is possible that we could be tempted to say hello to Rochester.

September 2nd-5th Portland, OR

PDXYAR succeeded in their Kickstarter project to build their boat/stage (AKA El Tiburon) which means we’ve got tickets to go to the Portland Pirate Festival. I’ll be danged if’n I ain’t going.