Alright, that’s it folks. All the orders for the production window ending 5/17 have now shipped, including a restock case for the BBotE Ambassador of Chicago. I opened the next production window for people that want to make absolutely sure they’re at the head of the line for when I get back from the grand […]

Impending Service Interruption

BBotE and Stein of Science production has been ticking along nicely while I try to stay out of the Lovely Assistant’s way as her PhD draws to a close. There are few states more delicate than someone in the home stretch of their dissertation and thus are desperate to do anything that isn’t that. If […]

A Collection of Delicious Things

Labor Day Weekend is upon us which means, more importantly, Oktoberfest is almost here. Accordingly, the 2nd annual Oktoberfest 10% off coupon is kicking in Today. Use the code “EINPROSIT” to enjoy a discount on all your Stein of Science or weapons grade coffee needs. The coupon will run through the end of the Oktoberfest, […]

Firing Things Back Up

As I head back to California from the darkest wilds of Penn Yan, NY it is time to get balls rolling again. Won’t be an adventure report for a bit yet but it I should share the things that are coming back into stock: 665ml “Rugged” Style Steins of Science – I made some folks […]

A Scheduling Observation

Sitting here in Fairbanks, AK on the latest leg of Scientific Drinking Tour 2011 while drinking a stein worth Silver Gulch Brewery‘s Epicenter Ale (took a growler home today), I realized that the next leg in DC and NY is going to be unhelpful to people looking for presents for Father’s Day. This year Father’s […]

Fundamentals Q&A

“We really shook the pillars of heaven, didn’t we, Wang?” -Big Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Some interesting bits that have come my way asking very basic questions about why I do things the way I do. I often find questioning the basic assumptions and things so common that they’re invisible reveals […]

A New Coupon For Upcoming Adventure

Very soon Scientific Drinking Tour 2011 will be taking yours truly and his Lovely Assistant to around this fair nation of ours do places north of the Mason-Dixon line that we have never been. Yes, we freely admit that our mutual failure to go to the Smithsonian is simply unacceptable and we aim to remedy […]

Playa Grade & Rugged Steins Of Science

So, I think I’ve taken the hint that you guys like the silicone sheathed dewars for your steins based upon my inability to maintain any stock of them. The reason I bring this up is because I normally quote a three week production window on the steins from the time of order until it ships. […]

Spambot(?) Q&A

As an increasingly infamous denizen of the Internet, I am forced to reckon with the potent evolving AIs that want to give me formidable never-ending erections for the Russian girls that want to talk just to me. Our robot overlords only want what’s best for Herr Direktor Funranium, obviously. Charles Stross had a very good discussion about […]