A Collection of Delicious Things

Labor Day Weekend is upon us which means, more importantly, Oktoberfest is almost here. Accordingly, the 2nd annual Oktoberfest 10% off coupon is kicking in Today. Use the code “EINPROSIT” to enjoy a discount on all your Stein of Science or weapons grade coffee needs. The coupon will run through the end of the Oktoberfest, on October 3rd.

Speaking of weapons grade coffee, when I shared my plight of the loss of the Panama BBotE, my light roast & Americas entry all in one, a roaster at Ritual Coffee in San Francisco rose to the challenge and said he had just the thing. In particular, he wanted to best my favorite and challenge Caffe Vita‘s Guatemalan Mundo Nuvo with their Guatemalan Retiro de Quisaya.

The Retiro had a fascinating smell of bread dough in the air when I was preparing it and hooboy was it a long oily extraction. Cold and straight, to me, it had an interesting sweet-tart metallic flavor. My guaranteed oddball Test Subject declared “it’s a molasses cookie through and through”. The general consensus settled upon “citric and meat” with frequent comparisons to cherry or rhubarb pie. Vodka addition blended the flavor up a bit which, actually, was a bit of a disappointment as I was enjoying the evolving flavor on the tongue of the cold and straight.

The Retiro receives the very special distinction of My Lovely Assistant asking if I had anymore of the first test batch laying around, because she wanted some. My Lovely Assistant is an inveterate tea drinker and even the tastiest of BBotE has not cracked her until now. Ne’er has she asked for a BBotE before and that may be the highest recommendation I can give to the Retiro. She’s finds the addition of the Retiro to milk to be the best course of action. There’s a couple bottles of it available in the Prototypes & Clearance section if you want to take a stab at it.

On the topic of BBotE and milk, Test Subject Chu has created a recipe in pictures for you to make your own BBotE Ice Cream. I can’t help but note how often he states that you don’t need much BBotE to make some ice cream with zing. I feel that perhaps he may have experimented with high doses and worked his way back down…possibly off the ceiling.

For those of you have been waiting for more Death Wish and Guatemala Mundo Nuvo BBotE production, fresh pre-order slots for the early September runs are now up.

BBotE Jerky
BBotE Jerky - Caffeinated Meat. What more do you want in life, Conan?

The Pimpstress of Greater LA is currently off doing her Thing In The Desert, but before she left, she dropped a little something something in the mail for me. On Monday, an envelope with BBotE buffalo jerky arrived at more door. If you are out on the Playa and can find her, I know that she brought some with her to share. I recommend that you start thinking now about what you will barter with her to get a taste of it as it is delicious.

And as for my travel schedule, the next leg of the Scientific Drinking Tour 2011, takes me up to Oregon for the Portland Pirate Festival this Labor Day weekend. There will also be a trip out to Tillamook for delicious cheeses and the Air Museum because, well, it’s a zeppelin hangar and I need to Collect ‘Em All.