FYI: Impending Vacation Store Closure

Because of the preparation lag time, I will be turning off the ordering for BBotE on June 17th.  Because of the longer lead time for the steins, I’ll be turning off ordering for those on the 10th.  I will turn it all back on come July 12th when I return. So, if you want something […]


Now in our third day in the Rose City and the stats are pleasing. Beers consumed: 6 delicious imperial pints and counting Black Blood of the Earth Distrributed to Portlanders: 2.5L and counting Hours slept: not enough, but that’s the cost of fun. To the folks at the Lucky Devil, McMennamins Imbrie Hall, and Deschutes […]

What Are Dewars?

A minimal jargon explanation, by Herr Direktor Funranium. Written while consuming a carbonated, no H2O Manhattan.  Standards of insobriety, with corresponding misspellings and grammatical errors, are being upheld. The stupid simple, “Go away, yer botherin’ me, boy” explanation of how a dewar works is that it’s like a really, really good scientific-grade Thermos(TM). The average […]