Local BBotE Hand-Off Update

Alrighty, here at the start of December I’m making an effort to restock all the BBotE Pimps & Pimpstresses so that you can make a local pick up if that suits your fancy rather than ordering directly on the site. Go hit the Local Pickup page and drop your local super addict, I mean, supplier […]

Spoke Too Soon, Plus A Field Report

Sooooo, remember my declaration last week that some time had cleared up in the schedule to do some experimentation? That window appears to have slammed shut. I have been reminded by my minion (AKA: work study student at Cal) that finals are coming up soon for semester based colleges, which helps explain a small surge […]

Tanzania, Nicuragua and the BBotE Pimp of Austin

In a shocking development, I have actually had enough free time to do some experimentation AND be able to write it all up for you, the adoring public. This is what playing at a remote radio telescope observatory without other distractions will do for you. For experimentation, I decided to move a bit further down the […]

‘Tis The Season REDUX

With a shuddering cringe, I realize that production timelines mean I need to make this reminder sooner rather than later so that no one is left out in the cold. Normally, I get rather grumpy with people that so much as breathe Christmas shopping in my general direction before Thanksgiving, but if I delay that […]

My Birthday Wish

I get a lot of people that tell me, “Dude! How have you done everything you’ve done in 36 years?” Funny, all I can see is all the things I haven’t done yet and far too few years to do it all. So, to all of you, I give my birthday wish: Get your asses […]