Spoke Too Soon, Plus A Field Report

Sooooo, remember my declaration last week that some time had cleared up in the schedule to do some experimentation? That window appears to have slammed shut. I have been reminded by my minion (AKA: work study student at Cal) that finals are coming up soon for semester based colleges, which helps explain a small surge that is a bit too early to be Festivus shopping. In that interest, I’ll see about cranking up the Death Wish production a bit more considering four bottles just went to one nursing student, just one. I can only hope he is sharing so he doesn’t die; alternatively, I’ll accept the treatment for functional immortality he figures out so that he doesn’t perish.

In other news, there was a great meeting of the minds as the Pimp of London and the Intermittent Pimp of Dublin got together for caffeination summit talks. Some excerpts from the meeting:

(1826GMT) Observation: Brady, AKA “the intermittent pimp of Dublin”, is presently sitting here with a bottle of BBotE and a bottle of Absinthe and is going “hmmm”… and the level of common sense in the room is slowly dropping. Will keep posted.


(2008GMT) The results are in! It was described as “alright!”, then “actually kind of nice!”, then “first the liquorice hits you, then the coffee!”, then “it’s a really nice, surprisingly tasty combination”, then “I feel like a dragon!”.


(2009GMT) Then “Is this real life? No, seriously, is it?”

Common Sense Damage
Lose 3d10 SAN: With Drastically Lowered Common Sense, *THIS* Seems Like A Good Idea

On my consultation of the D&D library for the Dragon Disciple prestige class, London and Dublin are probably safe as the first step in the progression is only a natural armor boost. So, it’ll be more difficult for the Bobbies to take him down as he runs naked through the streets of London at 3am, but they’d have to decide to take him over the other afterhours loonies. [Edit: Actually, the meeting happened in Dublin, but this doesn’t prevent him running naked through the streets of London at 3am. In fact, it’s the kind of crazy I’d expect.]

More seriously, this is one of several tales of people have sent letting me know that the BBotE + absinthe combo was much more delicious than their brain thought it would be. I have to give New Orleans some credit as they poured absinthe into most everything to see if it was more delicious (by definition, most everything coming from New Orleans is already delicious).