My Birthday Wish

Gagarin's Spacesuit
Yuri Gagarin's Spacesuit - A Man Who Knew How To Adventure In Style

I get a lot of people that tell me, “Dude! How have you done everything you’ve done in 36 years?” Funny, all I can see is all the things I haven’t done yet and far too few years to do it all.

So, to all of you, I give my birthday wish: Get your asses out there and explore. How should you do this? Take a part of your town you always drive through but never stop, except this time park, get out of the car and walk. Find a restaurant or bar, sit down, eat, drink, perhaps even talk to your fellow diners.

But if you need some help finding adventure, you’re in luck. There’s a website for you called Atlas Obscura. Find your town and go have some fun.

As for me, I’m currently watching Big Trouble In Little China for the who knows how manyeth time, drinking a lovely spot of whiskey given to me on my last birthday, and getting ready to go wandering around Palo Alto after, perhaps, molesting people at Pixar.

I expect you all to report back to me of the awesome shit that I’m not doing to make me jealous. GET TO WORK, PEOPLE!!! Hup Hup Hup!