Helping Ms. Penny

You may recall a little while back that I did a special run of dedicated Ineffable Mustachio’d Goat of SCIENCE! labeled bottles to slap together a few bucks to help send Molly Crabapple and Laurie Penny to Greece for a project. Thank you again for making it possible for me to help them.

Unfortunately, the world is not filled entirely with pleasant people. Yesterday, Laurie’s backpack was stolen be some complete and utter bastard while she was out in Bloomsbury. In and of itself that’s not cool, but Laurie’s backpack was more or less her life and livelihood as she is a journalist/gypsy, wandering wherever the stories may be. The laptop and phone are a modern journalist’s stock and trade, in addition to all the notebooks that were in there.

The computer, phone, and notebooks are expensive but replaceable; the notes and writing in progress that they contained are not. While Laurie tries to put her head back together for the projects that were in progress, I would like to help replace her gear. So, I’m going to do another run of twenty 1000ml bottles that will have Goat labels to put together a chunk of change to throw at her so she may return to her usual role of astute socio-economic observation and drunklympics coverage*.

*: Yes, I know the Olympics are over. But when you have cold medicine and soothing whiskey in your system, the world is a more beautiful place with a Big Rock Candy Mountain and the drunklympics never end.