The Ineffable Mustachio'd Goat of SCIENCE!
The Ineffable Mustachio'd Goat of SCIENCE! - By Molly Crabapple

You may recall that a while back artist Molly Crabapple was overwhelmed by caffeination, the muse slide tackled her, and she politely demanded to be allowed to make a label for Black Blood of the Earth. Far be it from me to argue with her and the “Ineffable Mustachio’d Goat of SCIENCE” resulted. More or less at my whim, approximately 1 in 20 of the 1000ml bottles go out with the Goat label and people seem to have been pretty excited when they get them because, hey look, ART!

But I am taking this opportunity to do a little good by Ms. Crabapple and Laurie Penny. Their fevered brains have come together and hatched a plot to go to Greece and tell the tale of austerity, in the finest traditions of Thompson & Steadman and their various Fears & Loathings. In their DISCORDIA project, Laurie shall make words and Molly shall make images, together it shall be grand tale. Of course, this is not a cheap proposition and I want to make sure it happens.

So, to help kick into their kitty, I am going to do a run of twelve 1000ml bottles that will be made with Molly’s Ineffable Goat of SCIENCE label. The next twelve bottles will, period, amen, have the Goat on them. I will then take the proceeds from these bottles and hand them to Molly and Laurie to help make sure they have the supplies they need to get the story told.

Seriously, this is a project I think has potential to be wonderful and I want to make it happen. If I can help through the power of ultracoffee, all the better.