Greetings & Farewells

To everyone that just wandered over this way courtesy of Penny Arcade, welcome aboard the S.S. Funranium Labs! Some kindly Browncoat decided that dosing Tycho at SDCC with a vial of Sumatra was a good idea and, lo, here you are. I’m also to understand that vials ended up backstage at w00tstock and everyone survived. You will find that poop jokes often outnumber the tales of adventure, radiation, coffee, beer, and science but I try to keep a happy balance, hopefully all in the same tale.

Of course, all you new folks also mean that BBotE for this run are getting rather depleted. Rest assured, fresh pre-order slots for the next production run will go up this weekend.

In sadder news, my old boss that I mentioned two weeks ago, passed away last Friday night at 11:15pm. He leaves behind a legacy of dozens of people that he trained to be sarcastic, suspicious bastards for the Forces of Good. If you will, please imagine him as  Old Man Deadpool sending us all forth in his image. I’m gonna miss him.