BBotE Lineup Changes & A Wounded Soldier

As time marches on, the supplies of single origin coffees start to dwindle on our way to the next harvest. It is with heavy heart that I must tell you that the Guatemalan Mundo Nuvo will be leaving the BBotE lineup. After the next run, the supplies will be depleted for the foreseeable future. I hope it will return soon, but this also means the hunt for a new occupant for the Central American slot is on! I am ever so fond of Guatemalans.

Gravity Victim 665ml FMJ Stein of Science
Gravity Victim 665ml FMJ Stein of Science

In other news, while building a giant mess of steins to equip one lucky couple’s wedding, I discovered at the bottom the box a wounded dewar. Not shattered, but a badly dented base. I was able to bend it back out and the stein rests flat, but the cosmetic damage is done. So, if you want a stein on the cheap and don’t mind a dent in the base, here’s your chance. [EDIT: it‘s already been grabbed. Within 20min.]

To those who sent me fine tales of Navy adventure, thank you. I have high hopes to be seeing Mr. Shea next week and look forward to entertaining him for a bit. Never know, he might give me another story to rival the Tale of the Dolphins.

Last, but not least, the next round of pre-order slots are now up. Go and get ’em!