London Service Starting

For everyone back in Merrie Olde Englande (well, international in general) the shipping for Black Blood of the Earth has always been prohibitive. Prohibitivr to the point that the postage almost costs as much as the product in some cases, as BBotE must ship express internationally. The per liter shipping price improves with the larger volume items, but it’s still a substantial investment for something you’ve never tasted.

But now London, England (not Ontario, sorry Canada) will have local distribution. That’s right! There is going to be a BBotE Pimp of London. I can hear the Warren Zevon parody in my head right now.

Next week, Justin will come into possession of a case of assorted 1L BBotE bottles. We went for the larger size to give a better volumetric bang for the buck/pound in Transatlantic shipping. Anticipated going price for local hand off is $80. Expensive, but a nice discount on what the normal price with shipping is (~$110 for a single 1L bottle) to London.

If you wish to partake in his delights, you may contact the Lord BBotE Pimp of London by email, [email protected].

In other news, I finally cleared up some production schedule to the point that I can do some experimenting again. The folks at Caffe Vita, who give me the Mundo Nuvo I so adore, gave me a sample of their Nicuraguan they’re quite proud of to play with. Considering the last time they gave me something they were proud of it was the Guatemalan Mundo Nuvo, I’m rather excited about this.

Right. Back to thinking about plutonium for a while instead of coffee.