A Post-WorldCon 2011 Giggleworthy Testimonial

In the process of firing everything back up in the aftermath of WorldCon 2011 in Reno. More importantly, I have expanded production capacity to a stunning 9L/day starting tomorrow. If this doesn’t sound impressive, well, thhhhpppbbbt. I’m impressed and it’s also necessary to get a head of the backlog in light of the quantity and size of some orders. The first post-Reno shipments start going out tomorrow, so brace yourself.

On to story time…

Before heading to the Carolina shore for some beach shenanigans with friends, Test Subject Zublin decided it would be wise to procure a supply of BBotE for experimentation and, possibly more importantly, letting hijinx ensue. I did admonish her that, no matter how fun it might seem, it is not nice to dose the unsuspecting, even if they are your friends. Armed with BBotE and the handy serving/cocktail instructions, she set out for the coast. One week later, I received this which made me laugh even when I re-read it and that is the sure sign that it should be shared:

The problem with the vodka/coffee combo is that you want more than 100 ml.


And you think it’s fine because the vodka is a depressant and should counteract the coffee and anyway you have ALL THESE STAIRS TO RUN UP AND DOWN and hey want to light off some bottle rockets because I love bottle rockets bottle rockets are amazing. Let’s light off three at once and see if they fight!




I’m not normally a fireworks person but on this particular day we had bottle rockets and roman candles and sparklers, and once you set off one and realize that certain things (namely yourself and the ocean) are not on fire, you want to set them ALL OFF.


Especially when under the influence of a truly stunning amount of caffeine. One of the friends who drank it with me on vacation just sent me this with “That’s YOU. That’s what YOU sound like.”

It appears that a good time was had by all. I have a hard time imagining that in this modern day and age the proceedings weren’t captured on video somewhere. Perhaps it will appear online some day when long forgotten videos are downloaded from phones.