The Thrillist BBotE Explosion

To everyone joining the conversation thanks to a recent piece run by Cal alum Grant Marek, welcome. You’ll all be happy to know he survived his exposure to BBotE. There’ve been just a few orders of BBotE since then, so I thought it might be time for a quick State of the Funranium Labs Address:

  1. As with everything else, orders are First Come, First Served.
  2. Production is limited to 6L/day. There’s a little bit of a backlog built right now, so gratification on your caffeination needs might not quite be instant.
  3. If you’re interested in local hand off, please contact your most convenient Pimp/Pimpstress to see what they’ve got on hand and arrange a hand off. If they don’t have what you want, you’re always welcome to order it directly here. Alternatively, if you can wait a little bit, let them know what you want and they’ll ask for it to be included in their next shipment.
  4. I have placed a pre-order up for the next run of 750ml Death Wish BBotE. Production on this will be done toward the end of this month, but there was enough demand from people wanting to get their name in the hat, I figured this was the easiest way.
  5. If you are a San Francisco Bay Area local, by far the best place for us to meet up an grab your BBotE from me is on Thursdays at the St. George Distillery, sometime between 5:30-7pm. It is an opportunity to not only pick up your caffeinated delights from me but also partake of their delicious wares with a tasting and enjoy the lovely view across the bay. Who knows, you might catch the Mythbusters playing out on the old runways.