A Quick Q&A

In the wake of Thrillist saying hello, I’ve gotten some more interesting questions than normal which need sharing.

Question 1: “Have you considered getting a government contract and supplying the FAA so that they can keep all the pilots and air traffic controllers awake?”

Answer: Interestingly enough, I have seen the FAA pop up in the ol’ site traffic monitor from time to time. It always gets my attention when I see government agencies or, better yet, military. To the best of my knowledge, no one is powering  a 747 or control tower with BBotE but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened. I am aware of at least three servicemen that have decided that BBotE is the safe and sane way to survive extended watch & flight duty without resorting to more interesting chemistry.

Also, PROTIP: Turkish authorities will confiscate BBotE bound for forward operating bases. Wait until you cycle back to Germany or make friends with a pilot that can schlepp it to you.

I’m totally waiting to be told that BBotE has become a budget line item in either a grant proposal or operating budget.

The frozen Russian biplane on the berms at South Pole Station
You are as likely to get someone’s information from me as this plane ever flying again under it’s own power. NOTE: It was dismantled and flown home by LC-130 a few years ago. Don’t make me get my machete, son.

Question 2 (spelling preserved from the original text): “can u give me warren ellis address so I can send him something to? Youve sent him BBotE so u got it, rite?”

Answer Part 1: You are setting off multiple creepy alarm bells. Not only no, but hell no.

Answer Part 2: While purchasing BBotE or a Stein of Science is a far cry from HIPAA levels of confidentiality, that would be unethical in the extreme. Also, think for a second, you are also asking someone who used to hold a Q Clearance to divulge information. They tend not to hand those to people willy nilly and the obligations of the clearance don’t end until death. I like to think that I earned that level of trust for a good reason. So, double plus hell fucking no.

Question 3: “Do you accept payment options other than Paypal? After what they pulled with Wikileaks last year I don’t really want to do business with them if I don’t have to.”

Answer: Sure we can find other ways to do it, but it is likely to slow down the process of getting your loot out to you. Paypal is the only electronic payment service that I’ve established so far (mainly because it’s so damn easy) but other tinkering is in progress. I’m always open to suggestions if you have a particular favorite.

Heck, I’ll take checks & money orders if you insist but things will have to clear before I can ship things out. Email me to work out arrangements if you’d like to go this way.

Of course, cash is king but that would require you to be in My Presence. The good news is that often also means that we are probably drinking beer together as well.