The Obligatory Vacation Announcement

Now that it is May 31st I must reiterate the sad news in a more blatant and public manner: orders placed after the 30th will not ship until June 22nd (after we return from DC & NY). This is not because I don’t love you all but instead because I haven’t turned the BBotE rig into a suitcase portable unit yet, something that is a goal for future international travel.

There will be words from the trail no doubt. If you wish to place orders just get in the queue for my return, by all means do so but you have now been properly alerted when things will ship.

Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assembly Building

Take care, kids. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) I took a couple years back in honor of Atlantis heading out from it’s final “stand up”.

I simply cannot do justice to how huge this building is. Those doors on the side are tall enough to allow a fully erect Saturn V rocket in and out.