Down To The Wire

Alright, coming up on the next bunch of travel as my Lovely Assistant and I set out for Washington DC, New York City, and the Finger Lakes. This means you now get the obligatory last minute reminders and bits & bobs as I clear the decks.

Your last chance to place orders for BBotE will be this Sunday. For Steins of Science, you’ve got until next Tuesday. If you are in Washington DC or NYC are and would like to save on the shipping costs, let me know so I can do the shipping refund and we can arrange an opportunity to meet up. We are not insane enough to rent a car in either DC or NYC, so mass transit friendly rendezvous is key.

In reference to the Death Wish BBotE, I have to admit that my tongue seems to be the minority opinion. After feeding my bottle to my favorite test subjects, there was near universal appreciation of it. From time to time, I get some complaint that the bulk of the regular offerings of BBotE are medium roasts, not dark. Well, Death Wish seems to have satisfied their dark desire. There was also a rather pronounced harrumph from the BBotE Pimpstress of PDX that she didn’t get a chance to have any before it was all gone. In summation, more will get made when I return from travel.

Just be on the safe side, I do recommend cutting my 100ml/day daily maximum in half for the Death Wish BBotE. The zing is quite noticeable. I couldn’t help but smirk at the generally increased bounciness in the St. George Tasting room and rapid speech from everyone that tasted. To the gents at Death Wish, well played…well played indeed. You’ve got quite the bean.

My parting meditative thought for you today:

There are doctoral theses that actually have made profit based on the number of times they’ve been reprinted, referenced and considered seminal works, but you’ve never heard of them. You’ll never read them. In fact, you’ll probably never even read the papers that reference them because they all live in a classified documents vault that take a Q clearance and compartmentalized permissions to access. Keep this in mind when you start writing your thesis; it’s hard enough to get a thesis done without having to work on it only in a secure facility and finding a faculty committee that has the clearance to actually read it so you can graduate.