Scientific Drinking Tour 2011, Further Updates

Travel dates are firming up. Currently, Las Vegas, NV and Fairbanks, AK are guaranteed to be graced by my presence. This is a chance to get a Stein of Science or Black Blood of the Earth in person (thus negating the shipping fees), learn the mysteries for the master, and consume beer & endless trivia with Herr Direktor Funranium & his Lovely Assistant. Without further ado, the itinerary as it stands:

April 1st-3rd: Las Vegas, NV CONFIRMED (it is a certain Lovely Assistant’s birthday)

Late April-Early May…ish: Las Vegas, NV (yes, Vegas again, a TBD bachelor party of SCIENCE!)

May 12th-17th: Fairbanks, AK CONFIRMED

June 2nd-19th: Washington DC, New York City, and Upstate NY (still working on this, but by Crom I want some Smithsonian)

August  17th-21st: Reno, NV (CONFIRMED. Yes, that is Worldcon 2011)

There has been some muttering about shenanigans in Portland, OR and a wedding in Grand Junction, CO but that all remains TBD. You want a piece of my time while I’m in any of these places, drop me a line.