Weatherpocalypse Delays & Ordering Problems

EDIT: Iteration V is already here! Moo Hoo Ha Ha!

Do you live somewhere in North America that isn’t north of Tuscon, AZ? How about Australia, somewhere that isn’t about to be consumed by a megacyclone with wind so hard we’ll be picking wallabies out of the Himalayas? In that case, you are probably enjoying a quiet life of reasonable weather.

What I’m getting at is there is some extenuating circumstances that might cause a titch of delaw shipping right now to some locations. Steins of Science will go out just to get them in the pipe, but I may hold BBotE orders to make sure that they don’t end up frozen in the back of an abandoned semi somewhere  in East Flatness-on-Nothing, Nebraska.

In other news, the kind words of Warren Ellis are sufficient to blast pretty much any server into hot metal vapor and Funranium Labs is no exception. We’re doing our best to put Humpty back together again (perhaps with a bigger schnoz) but the Checkout module continues to be persnickety. Right now, the easiest way to place an order without hitting the shopping cart reset bug is to go to the product scroll bar at the top and press the “+” on the pictures. Worse come to worse, you can always drop me a line with “Contact Us” and I’ll figure out a way to backdoor you your stein or BBotE.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it will do until we (by which I mean the highly competent webmonkeys that work for caffeine and not my inept self) roll out Iteration V of the website which, hopefully, will be very soon and Ellis-proof.