Funranium Labs, Iteration V (and The Bug Hunt)

I have many times pointed out that it is good for a man to know his strengths and weakness (as opposed to vices, which should be indulged). When you have a recognized weakness you could work ridiculously hard to better yourself to the point that it no longer is. Or, you could ask someone who is more competent than your concussed llama-like skills for help. This is why Funranium Labs has not one but two helpful webmonkeys that point out the stupider things I do and ask if I’d like them to try to fix things for a modicum of BBotE. Once again, thank you Brad & Jason.

The solution to cope with Warren Ellis-grade levels of interest was to split the store and blog into two separate, though connected, entities. On a positive note, the new store build has a much more savvy shipping module that can cope with international addresses with grace and aplomb. Additionally, it will do REAL shipping costs. This means for most people, shipping cost have actually gone down, particularly in California.

While I have gone through and done a fair bit of broken link cleaning and checkout testing, I am by no means willing to claim that it is bulletproof. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be on Iteration V, now would we? To this end, I am issuing a bounty. If you run into a bug that prevents you from making an order, please write it up and send it my way (preferably with screenshots). If you are the first person to report that bug, I will knock $5 off your order.

That said, please don’t actively hack the site to create new bugs. There’s plenty to go around, I’m sure. While Google enjoys caffeine as much as anyone, the pool o’ money to payout for bugs here at Funranium Labs is comparatively small.

Alright, I’ve said my piece. Enjoy the new build, I welcome feedback and do your worst.