Testing Dispatches: College Station, TX

It is possible that in addition to the Pimp & Pimpstress of HAL Laboratories (AKA Champaign-Urbana, IL)  you may soon have one down by Texas A&M as well. That is, assuming certain coffee-cultural hurdles can be passed. I share with you the tale of Test Subject Jason and his attempts to share BBotE:

I made a flyer at work so I did not have to explain each time what this “mixture in the fridge” was to the 8 or so co-workers each time. The inside large text motivates everyone to read, so I know that is working or, at the very least, saving me time explaining. I work in a small well educated town, everyone I work with has a college degree…but getting  co-workers to try “pre made” coffee was a challenge in itself. Work feedback thus far:
Subject Nina: 40’s 110lbs female; 2 tables spoons of Kona in hot water, only able to drink half a cup before she said “her blood felt like it was trying to get out of her skin” I marked that as a Success :)
Subject Tim: 40’s 165lbs male: around 100ml Kona in hot water and stated he really could tell the subtle differences in this vs. regular coffee.
Subject X: 50’s 140lbs male: shows me his arm, wraps an imaginary rubber band around it, taps his veins, and says “I don’t want to get addicted”.
“New fangled” coffee appears not to be as exciting as I find it. Go figure.

If you are down in College Station and wish to prevail upon Jason’s kindness for a taste, he may be willing to share with you. Drop him a line at aggie[at]funraniumlabs[dot]com. I hear he is partial to bribery with beer as well.