BEHOLD! A coupon! Also a modification to refill policy.

March 17th is upon us which closes the old BBotE pre-order window and opens the new one for March 31st. However, this time I am making a coupon code available to those of you that actually bother to read my blitherings. You see, My Lovely Assistant’s birthday is coming up and I wish to properly express how much we appreciate her allowing all our shenanigans to continue. Therefore, for this order window, I decree the 10% off coupon code “INFINITEPATIENCE”. Use it to your heart’s content.

In the interest of making her even happier, I need to institute a new policy regarding refills as I’m running out of storage rack space (not of the server variety). I will hold a bottle for refill for you up to a year, but after that it returns to the stack for a fresh label and a new home.

Right, time to go fire up the coffee engines in My Lovely Assistant’s honor. I suspect I’ll be needing to.