Vacation Reminder and OKTOBERCAST

Alright, the next round of pre-order slots have gone up and, as you may have noticed, they say “Expected Release Date is by November 30th”. This is because, as stated in this previous post, vacation associated with a string of weddings begins next weekend. Production will resume on the 17th, but I wanted to make sure people had a chance to grab their place in line as we had toward the grim meathook reality of December. Some orders, particularly steins, may go out before I jump on a plane at the end of next week; big BBotE order aren’t likely to do so until after I return but I’ll be cranking as much as I can before I hit the road.

Hello, everyone that just joined us from Oktobercast! If you are reading this post due to another pointer, please go check out the Oktobercast. They’re a fine crew doing a 24hr webcast marathon to raise money for Child’s Play and happy to have given them a couple things to help them make it the distance. There might, perhaps, be something shiny auctioned off…

#401?!? Is it Yours?
Stein #401 – WILL IT BE YOURS?

In other news, the current stein count is solidly in the 390s. As a reminder, whoever orders Stein #400 is going to be getting #401, a 665ml FMJ, FOR FREE.

[EDIT: Stein #400 & #401 have gone to a good home. We’ll try this again in another hundred or two steins.]