Vacation Announcement and The Decembering

Because we’re heading into that time of year when everyone has a sudden realization that they’d been meaning to grab some BBotE or a Stein of Science for someone, it seems like the ideal moment for me to go on vacation for several weeks!

When this current pre-order window for October 14th closes, the next one will be set to end on October 28th. After that, I will then be off enjoying the weddings celebrations of legally binding co-existence of several friends scattered around the country who have all decided to conveniently schedule events within a two week window. One might think their love for me and my production calendar was almost as great as what they have for each other. Almost.

Production will resume on November 17th, with the first orders after my return likely to ship  on the 21st. Except, oh dear, November 22nd is the Thanksgiving holiday which will make shipping screwy that week. Then we’re into December and I think we know what that means…dooooooooomed.

What I’m trying to get at here is production is going to get cramped here very soon. For the steins in particular, the earlier you jump on them the better. I have taken the liberty of stocking up a bit so that supply chain problems don’t end up being a problem, just my available time. More are in the pipeline to arrive later this month, so there’s that. Once we hit November, supplies lines get a bit tricky for steins.

In other news, the production number count of the Steins of Science is getting frighteningly close to Stein #400. Just like I did when we hit Stein #200, whoever grabs that one is getting Stein #401, a 665ml FMJ, for free. The count is currently in the high 380s, so the time is nigh!

And with that, I need to go see a city about some whiskey.