An Admission Of Defeat

A few days ago, a visitor made a post that said, “Looks like the TWiT Army takes down another site.” Not quite, as the back-end migration that was successfully completed the week prior to last Tuesday’s Mac Break Weekly has proven up to tackling the full and blistering attention of Mr. Leo Laporte’s audience. Funranium Labs survived the TWiT Army admirably and I give high praise to my web guru and BBotE Ambassador of College Station, Mr. Jason Pulliam, for sailing directly into the heart of the storm.


My 9L/day maximum production most definitely has not survived the attention. I will be spending the next couple weeks trying to clear the backlog and that’s assuming orders stop rolling in. Your local BBotE Ambassadors of Canberra, Dublin, London, Portland, NYC, Seattle, and College Station are out of stock. I have reliable reports that Chicago, DC, and LA still have some, so feel free to drop them a line. It is going to be a while until I manage to restock them.

So, this is a declaration that I’m doing all I can to get BBotE and Steins of Sciences out to you as quick as I can, but the line ahead of you may be quite long. To make it even more fun, I have some travel scheduled April 12-19th and there will be no production during this time.

You’ve won this round, TWiT Army, but the war is not over. Moo hoo ha ha.