Maintenance Upgrades

This weekend, in response to some long standing grumbles, the store side of the website will be going into maintenance mode as it undergoes a major upgrade. During this time, you may be redirected to read my blithering rather than being able to buy wonderful shiny preciouses. What will this mean to you, The Viewing Public: very little. The front end will be identical but the back side, well, it’s gonna be a pretty sweet tuckus.

The most important change for you folks that frequently forget passwords is that your reset message will finally not be plaintext.

Unfortunately, I won’t be ably to import all the conversations I’ve had with people that went with orders from the old store architecture. This is actually quite a bummer as I’ve had some great chats with you folks and I like to be able to quickly reference them as I assess the level of caffeine consumption you’re likely at as you ramble at me. I’ll be saving them to read on lonely nights with mood lighting and a nice Chianti, but they won’t translate over to the new store.

People with gift certificate codes that are still outstanding will get a fresh missive stating that it has been reissued with the exact same code. Honestly, how have you people resisted redeeming them yet?