Crunchtime and HOORAY!

As the days grow shorter, so to do the opportunities to grab a little dab of the ol’ Scientific Drinking. The Steins of Science on hand right now are the only ones that I’ll be able to ship in time for Christmas. The last international shipment to make sure everything (Steins or BBotE) gets out in time will be on December 17th, the last domestic shipment US is the 20th. Domestic orders for BBotE placed after December 15th may not make it into the production queue. If the production queue suddenly exceeds my ability to crank your swag out in a timely, notifications will start popping up in the store stating that on items.

Of course, the gift certificates always work if that special test subject in your life can take some delayed gratification.

NEW SCOTT BASE BEANIE! - Such Is The Power Of BBotE That I Can Summon Clothing From 14000mi Away

In other news, I would like to congratulate Ms. Katherine Bushman, currently residing at McMurdo Station, for making the arduous trek over the hill to the other side of Ross Island and getting me a NEW SCOTT BASE BEANIE!!! Sadly, fashion marches on and my old buddy is no longer in vogue but I’ve gotten over that and come to love the new style. More importantly, My Lovely Assistant got to hear me make the giddy giggle that everyone should make when they receive an package with a return address that says “Antarctica” Katherine’s caffeinated prize will be on it’s way shortly and should grace Christchurch by Xmas Eve. Christchurchers, especially the Forces of KAOS, please refrain from mugging her for it. Enjoy and thank you!