New Offerings After Radio Silence

After roughly two weeks of maximum output BBotE production, I can finally come up for some air and share some tinkering that I’ve been doing and respond to some requests. For folks who ended up waiting more than a week for me to finally get something out your way, I’d like to apologize for that and I hope that the BBotE was worth the wait.

But first I want to share something wonderful with you. It is called The Cup of Hate:

The Cup of Hate
The Cup of Hate - Test Subject Miller's Zardoz Mug

Despite a 350ml FMJ stein being my vessel for coffee administration, I find it hard to not be jealous of Test Subject Miller’s creation. Oh Zardoz, your budgie smuggler will haunt humanity through the ages.

Next, Steinwielder Thornber made a special request of me several weeks ago. He has a 665ml FMJ stein but has always been too worried about his fellow passengers to comfortably transport it from home, to his local watering holes, and back again in a more inebriated manner. He’d also found that his preference for some of the local Belgians was not particularly suited to the imperial pint size. He wanted to know if it was possible to make a 350ml stein in the style of the “rugged” 665ml FMJ.

350ml Textured Variant "Rugged" Stein of Science - The twin stein to Steinwielder Thornber's.

I told him I didn’t know, but I’d be willing to tinker around with it. The result worked quite well. It’s heavier than the normal 350ml FMJ, but it gets the job done. Because you never, ever, buy just one of anything when you’re experimenting (have to expect failures) the twin to Steinwielder Thornber’s 350ml rugged FMJ stein is now in the Prototypes & Clearance section.

Speaking of the Prototypes & Clearance section…

Courtesy of the many, many, MANY new eyeballs that have graced the website since Test Subject McKinney casually mentioned Black Blood of the Earth in an article he wrote for in his author’s info block (and I’m not quite sure if I want to thank or shoot him for that), I’ve had a lot of folks asking why I didn’t have samplers of Death Wish, Mundo Nuvo, etc. Honest answer, because I haven’t been able to maintain sufficient supplies of all them to be able to think of offering a Sampler II, Electric Boogaloo. Now that the order wave has passed, I can and it is now up there. Sampler II will always be limited in inventory and the limited runs may shift over time as given roasters run out of certain varietals.