Good News, Everyone! New Local BBotE

Moving on to happier topics, I try to invoke Professor Farnsworth whenever possible as I am a Platinum Club Elite Member of the Angry Dome and the Chamber of Understanding.

The first case to the Pimp of DC/Baltimore, Eric, should be arriving tomorrow. As more than a few folks have asked when the Capitol Wasteland would finally enjoy it’s own BBotE Pimp, instead of it’s conventional run of the mill pimps, your desires have been answered.

The Pimpstress of NYC, Wish,will be getting a resupply that his heavy in Death Wish early next week. I hear tell that she will be wandering the floors of NY ComicCon, likely armed with 50ml vials. And if you are wandering through NYCC, please make a point to go torment the boys & girls over at the Atomic Robo table. Even if Ernest P. Warrell (AKA Scott Wegener) has a pants malfunction, it’ll still be a good time.

The Pimpstress of Greater Los Angeles, Natara, is in possession of a similarly Death Wish heavy case and will be receiving another one soon for her proposed BBotE tasting party at the end of October that will have a little bit of everything in it.

Lastly, in the very near future, probably sometime next week, the Pimp of Seattle, Jim, will be receiving his inaugural case. You may feel free to start poking him now by email at [email protected]. Oh yes, I know you people in Redlands have been waiting, yes I do.

And Ireland, you may get a highly intermittent Pimp in Dublin. More news on that as it develops.

As a reminder, the Pimps and Pimpstress serve their noble roles as volunteers, unpaid save for the very ready availability of BBotE to their persons. They are doing you a favor by dramatically cutting shipping costs down, so please treat them nicely. Thank you, kids.