Waaaay Better Than A Tupperware Party

The Pimpstress of Greater Los Angeles had a brilliant idea last night that makes me sad to be 400 miles away from her. I remember when I dosed any brave souls that were willing with BBotE at her wedding last year. Fire and puppetry were already on the docket, but I feel the BBotE contributed to the awesome as well. Meditating upon this wisdom caused her to ask, “Why not do this intentionally to willing victims?” And thus the idea of the BBotE Tasting Party (emphasis on Party, I suspect) was born.

DON'T LEAN ON THINGS AT LA BREA - The results of the last time I played with actual Black Blood of the Earth before the Pimpstress of Greater LA's wedding

Have a chance to sample the various varieties, within limits of reasonable consumption, enjoy BBotE cocktails, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still people playing with fire. So, she asks me to ask you, “Who wants to be notified when new shipments come in and about the Tasting Party and such?”

If you do, drop her a line here: bbote-la-subscribe@usefulmonkey.net

EDIT: She says this probably won’t happen until after Burning Man. Just FYI.