Apropos of Nothing

"John Carpenter's THE THING" was very important to us in Antarctica
Not quite time to break out the flamethrowers here...yet. (A crate from the South Pole Station's "The Thing" DIY Flamethrower Competition)

Sorry for the relative radio silence around here but, well, there is only so much time in the day. More than usual, my time has been going toward running at maximum BBotE production, thanks to all you new folks coming over to courtesy of Thrillist and SF Weekly. I’ll also have you know that the search for a new coffee from Central America to steal my heart is going in earnest. Operatives and missives have been dispatched…

In the meantime, I give you this happy tale:

Once upon a time, a pleased BBotE Test Subject received his sampler test tubes from the Pimpstress of Greater Los Angeles. He was so thrilled with them that he felt a need to let me know how wonderful they were:

I usually treat the 50ml vials as one time use because full bottles tend to disappear when I wander out to the dance floor at the clubs. Man, BBotE is my new party drug of choice, it keeps me going like speed & ecstasy combo but a without leaving me trashed with a horrible hangover for the next two days.

That’s…a nice recommendation, but not exactly ad copy I can use. “Black Blood of the Earth: just as good as Speed-X, but doesn’t leave you with that not-so-fresh feeling afterward.”