A Pleasing Testimonial

From time to time, people send me missives thanking me for how their Stein of Science and/or BBotE has allowed More Awesome into their lives. But every now and then the rare testimonial comes in that demands to be shared with the world (especially when they have drink recipes). And so, I present to you, Test Subject SLC Prime:

My first full 100mL dose of BBotE in the morning before a work day (rough, late night previously, I needed the pick-me-up) caught me off guard. I had to stop for a few minutes and zen to pull my heart-rate back down to normal. Haven’t had a repeat of that since, but I try to make sure I keep things low key when BBotE is fresh in the system, just in case… ;)

A roommate’s first full 100mL dose, mixed with a chai latte, produced what we now refer to as the “Chai Fighter.” In that, when you have one, you could very well wind up zooming around the house making “VREEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!” noises like a TIE fighter from Star Wars.

A regular drinker of energy drinks for years (until the Institute got some nice espresso machines), BBotE has probably the “smoothest” caffeine high I’ve ever experienced. I have the heightened alertness, the drive and ability to get things done, but without the ‘twitchiness’ I’d experience with other energy drinks (especially after slamming back the third for the day). BBotE provides all the positives, while keeping down the distracting twitches for a long, smooth ride, and with more of a “dip” instead of a “crash” at the end. Much like my quadra-shot “God coffees”, but with all the advantages of BBotE over normal coffee.

There you have it. I was wiping away some tears of laughter as my imagination went to work imagining the Chai Fighter aftermath. Test Subject SLC Prime has inspired a perverse desire to go stand before the Temple in Salt Lake City, bottle of BBotE in each hand of my outstretched arms, and as an angel of caffeine show them what they have forsaken.