Shameless Whorebaggery On Behalf Of Others

So, Kickstarter has brought many wonderful things my way, but some are near and dear to my heart. No, I am not here to request money for a project of my own; you already do that with your consumption BBotE & Steins of Science which only encourages me to go screw around with lab apparatus and coffee even more.

No, this is where I take a moment to share the collected projects of the Steinwielders, Test Subjects, and the Pimps/Pimpstresses that have taken the time to throw their needs my way and I am only too happy to help. I’ll punch through that wall again if that’s what it’ll take so you’ll support these projects, but please don’t make me shave my beard. Makes me look funny and it feels all itchy.

[EDIT: 750ml bottles of BBotE are now one of their rewards!] First, I give you the Pirates of Portland, the Corsairs of the I-5 Corridor, the Swasbucklers of Stumpton …(they can keep going with these for hours)…PDXYar. My very own BBotE Pimpstress of PDX (AKA Shantymistress Greta) is a member of the PDXYar crew and they are the saddest pirates in all the land, even more than the Pirates That Don’t Do Anything; they are pirates without a boat, but they’d like to fix that. As they like to say, GLORY can be had for as little as $1, which is a fair sight cheaper than freedom. They are all fine folks with a love of rum, fire, pointy things, rum, explosions, shiny bits, song and above all rum. If you are within 100mi Portland and have never heard of PDXYar, do yourself a favor and get to their next event wherever that may be for shenanigans.

[EDIT: This project is completed and they are on their way!] Next, I give you The Secretions and their need to get to Italy for their tour. Test Subject Mickie Rat was one of the earliest people to volunteer for caffeination duty after Warren Ellis got his test batch and shared with the world. He made the trek down from Sacramento to procure a bottle of Kona BBotE to keep him going on the road for the next several gigs and it did not disappoint. In return, I got a fresh fix of excellent music. Not only do I recommend that you help support their tour and keep them swilling in Moretti, as gigging & hosteling in Italy demands, but check out their tunes. It is angry music that I can definitely do math to.

[EDIT: This project is completed but still nifty] Thirdly, Test Subject Andrew made a significant life change a while back. While he was a decent artist, he decided he could make a better impact for the world by selling his soul to the law for cash (which then can be exchanged for food and services, like housing). With his new found powers of solvency, he found that he had the ability to help other artists reach their dreams and his creation of the Kickstarter project for the comic “All Fall Down” by Casey Jones was one of them. As of yesterday, the project had reached it’s goal but I include it here because I rather like the concept Mr. Jones has here, think that you all might want a piece of this and heartily thank Test Subject Andrew for sharing it with me.

Fourthly (I think that’s a word), Test Subject Hunt of Hunt Press, a small publisher in Los Angeles, is looking to make the great leap forward from micropress to small press by means of a glorious new computer. I can’t help but note that one of the rewards is some Black Blood of the Earth…

And, last but certainly not least, are the kids of the Mahomet-Seymour Jr. High Drama Club. Steinwielder Benchilada and Test Subject Robot bring this to my attention as the kids’ art was originally slated to raise more funds for the drama club and their upcoming original performance. After the Sendai earthquake and tsunami, the kids decided they’d rather donate most of the proceeds of the auctions to Japan instead. Fairly bad ass I say and these are children without fear about their art. Considering the shame I have about my own artistic skills, it always blows me away to see people putting themselves out there and that pretty much applies to every project I’ve listed here.

Right. Back to playing with THE DEADLY RADIATIONS as soon as I finish this here mug of BBotE. One must be properly caffeinated before confronting THE DEADLY RADIATIONS.