This is a rather last minute announcement, but Herr Direktor Funranium & his Lovely Assistant are headed to Las Vegas to wander amongst the wonder and glitz of the Consumer Electronics Show.  No, I am not presenting as neither BBotE nor the Steins of Science are items of an electrodyne nature.  There will be stein hoisting at various locations no doubt, not the least which with Steinwielder Filthy Englander and the first Steinwielder of Vegas.

And if you are very, very, very lucky, some 50ml vials of Black Blood of the Earth will be circulating clandestinely. If you see some very alert non-security people on the floor, assume they got one.

Courtesy of a recent Gizmodo article, there’s been a bit of a run on steins & BBotE in the last week.  So, unless you want a 350ml stein I’ll be rather limited in what I can bring directly with me to Las Vegas to hand off as “local”.  I might have a few 375ml or 750ml Ethiopia, Kenya, & Kona bottles to bring with me but check ahead of time with me before ordering.

This calls for my favorite version of Viva Las Vegas.  See you there, kids!