A High Powered Mutant Never Meant For Mass Production

Behold, Dr. Antonio DiPasquale!  Not only is he the possessor of the ChemKeg Dominator, one of the two three 4.3L Steins of Science I’ve built, but he is also the first individual human with a proper bottle (ignoring initial test subjects, your dear Herr Direktor Funranium and Mrs. Fitzpatrick of Austenacious), to achieve MAXIMUM HONOR.  St. George Spirits has done it twice so far, but it was something of a team effort by the magical booze pixies that inhabit the hangar.

A toast to Antonio!  (The smile lets you know he senses your fear.  Back away slowly and leave the coffee and/or booze on the ground.  Do not take your eyes off his or he will attack.  If he bares fangs, run.)

The Madness of Dr. DiPasquale
Dr. Antonio DiPasquale and the Rictus of Delight that 4.5L of BBotE Brings