How To Refill & Congratulations Are In Order

For the second time, St. George Spirits has achieved MAXIMUM HONOR.  If you have ever gone for a tasting and wondered why the staff seems to vibrate through walls, this is why:

MAXIMUM HONOR, achieved over the span of 5 months

If you too would like to achieve GREAT HONOR, refills are relatively easy to do.  You just have to do the following things:

  1. Rinse out your bottle.
  2. Put your name somewhere on the label in permanent marker.
  3. Put the bottle back in the shipper it was sent to you in and return it to my address on the box.  While I sent it out to you with fast shipping, there is no need for the empty bottle to come back with any speed.
  4. Send an email to let me know to expect it.  In return, I will send you a 10% off coupon code to purchase your refill of BBotE as I would like to promote the re-use of the bottles.
  5. Wait impatiently, staring at your mailbox and harassing you postal carrier, repeatedly asking, “Is it here yet?  How ’bout now?”

But I hear the head scratching from the folks who purchased their bottles from your local BBotE Pimps or Pimpstresses as you wonder how you can get refills too.  ‘Tis easy.  Do Steps 1 & 2, but return your bottle to your respective Pimp/Pimpstress as they will be sending an empty Case O’ Caffeination back to me.  When the case returns, your refilled bottle will be in there.