Funranium Labs, Iteration 4

The slow and steady march of progress drag this website forward and away from the almost Geocities, nay, Angelfire-like quality it was when I first began construction on Iteration 1 back in January. My utmost thanks go to Steinwielders Brad and Jason for their efforts in making my foolish actions and words appear in a professional manner. Allow me to give a shout out to them thusly at (Jason) and Point to Point (Brad).

Pimping complete, let me tell you why Iteration 4 was necessary. After my time in Australia and NZ it became blatantly clear that I didn’t have a good method to take care of overseas transactions and the BBotE listings looked confusing with the local/domestic/international duplicate listing depending on where you were.  Now the listings are straightforward and shipping pops itself up correctly depending on where you are in the world.

Theoretically, other utilities that will soon be available to me start doing multi-item discounts. This is particularly important because shipping gets cheaper per item the more of an item I ship, particularly the BBotE. For example, proper shipping for a 12pk of 1L BBotE to London works out to be about $275, rather than the $600 it totals up as right now. Still fiddling with that so stay tuned.

Now roughly five weeks out from Oktoberfest proper.   America loves a good reason for a drink and will happily appropriate any culture’s holiday and put it to that purpose.  It is a wonder that there aren’t Flag or Arbor Day keggers.  Heck, I’ve gotten entire bars in Santa Cruz drinking in honor of ANZAC Day; my fellow carousers had no idea who the ANZACs were and we were a couple months off in the calendar, but that didn’t really matter because we were celebrating.  My 1.9L Stein of Science #1 is ready to get filled with Kostritzer!

I now need to go back and clean up a bunch of character errors from the roll over. My double space after period has cause the editor to have conniptions…