International Shipping

Yup.  You can have BBotE and Steins of Science wherever you are in the world.  The only difference is that the shipping is more expensive. That’s it.  So, yes everyone who has asked, I can ship to such diverse places as Australia, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, Germany (all countries of origin that have recently asked). The UK is already awash in BBotE. Heck, I could even ship Antarctica as long as you crazy cats get the order well before Last Flight (otherwise, it’ll be waiting for you at the Christchurch Deployment Centre when you return).

Oh, and for folks in the US Armed Forces stationed overseas, I am not terrified by APOs.  If you are at a FOB, BBotE won’t work for you due to the time lag but steins will.  Otherwise, I find the APO system to work quite well and don’t understand why so many other people are reticent to ship to it.

I am to understand that Paypal can be a little bit picky about international transactions, so you will have to have a bit of patience with them. Glory awaits you at the end of the process.

So go forth! Press buttons! Flip knobs!