Q. Does BBotE have any calories?

A. Black Blood of the Earth has a impressive hit of caffeine but the goal was something delicious that this diabetic with a sweet tooth didn’t need to add sugar or cream to. No sugar & no cream means no calories (well, technically two calories as coffee has some nutritional value) and no fat.

Q. How does the acid in BBotE differ from heat extracted “normal” coffee?

A.For my fourth straight dental cleaning, I was complimented by my hygienist for the lack staining on my teeth. No acid means no etching of the coffee stains into your teeth, or as it was in my case before BBotE, staining from Coca-Cola.

Also, no acid means BBotE is also quite friendly on the stomach. While my stomach appears to be made of cast iron, other people’s are like delicate butterflies destroyed by the flamethrowers of conventional coffee. I keep getting thank yous from people no longer popping antacid in order to maintain their caffeine habit.

The Black Blood of the Earth (or BBotE for short) is a cold vacuum extraction coffee concentrate. It was created by a diabetic with a sweet tooth out of his need for caffeine but without adding sugar and cream to cover the bitterness. While the goal was to make a rich, flavorful coffee full of delicious oils, caffeine was also concentrated as a pleasant surprise. According to back of the envelope rough estimates, the caffeine was concentrated about 40 times higher than normal drip, drink responsibly. I recommend consuming no more than 100ml per DAY (3.5oz approx.)
Regular Coffee
Creation methodhot water leaching from coffee grounds as it drips through, leaving much of the flavorful oils behindcold water steeping followed by vacuum extraction, leaving the grounds almost as dry at the end as when the started
Coffee acidity Coffee made with hot water extracts more acids than oil. Normal coffee stains teeth due to acid etching the coffee "brown" into tooth enamel. BBotE has far less acid, therefore less staining. Cold vacuum extraction removed the oil vs. acids from the bean thus mitigating staining your teeth
Caffeine content equivalent
one (1) 3.5oz BBotE equals
over a gallon of coffee!3.5oz
Shelf lifeless than 5hrsup to 3 months if kept cold
Calories & Fat 6.5oz
160 calories
6 grams of fat
naturall hints of sweetness from extracting more oil from bean, thus no calories.
(technically coffee has 2 calories)