Q. Does BBotE have any calories?

A. Black Blood of the Earth has a impressive hit of caffeine but the goal was something delicious that this diabetic with a sweet tooth didn’t need to add sugar or cream to. No sugar & no cream means no calories (well, technically two calories as coffee has some nutritional value) and no fat.

Q. How does the acid in BBotE differ from heat extracted “normal” coffee?

A.For my fourth straight dental cleaning, I was complimented by my hygienist for the lack staining on my teeth. No acid means no etching of the coffee stains into your teeth, or as it was in my case before BBotE, staining from Coca-Cola.

Also, no acid means BBotE is also quite friendly on the stomach. While my stomach appears to be made of cast iron, other people’s are like delicate butterflies destroyed by the flamethrowers of conventional coffee. I keep getting thank yous from people no longer popping antacid in order to maintain their caffeine habit.
bbote vs. coffee